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Scarborough Wedding Decor focuses on full-service planning and design of the wedding. It all starts with primary communication to discuss and define your expectations, and dreams. After the discussion, we can develop a full design of the proposal, offer advice and support during the planning process. We will give all the effort to fulfill your dreams. We want to make sure that you’re enjoying the day of your lives with your nearest and dearest to the most. A wedding is an event that happens once in a lifetime. It happens when you do your best and expects the best. We know you want wedding decor that will impress everyone. The most thing you want the wedding flower arrangements, custom backdrops, venue draping, ceremony decor all in the material and color of your choice, the bouquet, the bridesmaid’s flower, to be just right and match the entire decor.

We work differently.

With wedding & Floral Design, we create value for the wedding day.

From our uniquely designed special event backdrops, venue draping, quality linens, chair decor options to florals and other rentals we offer full decor service to give you a one-stop shopping experience for your big day.

The Wedding research phase is very important. We do our best to plan every possible outcome, which would affect the budget and time of finishing the Wedding:
  • Based on your exact needs, get only what your Wedding requires.
  • Cost effective, to secure uninterruptible wedding process.
  • We always get the best people in the field to work on specific areas. for you wedding and make it more stylish and memorable

We do our best to plan every possible outcome, which would affect the budget and time of finishing the project:
  • Based on your exact design, we work on it and make it as you want on your wedding.
  • Based on your budget, we work more cost effective way so it’s all come into your budget
  • We have the world best team of wedding decor which make your wedding day more memorable and stylish

After All the design and planning is done, we move to executing the work on wedding day
  • In order to offer you fashionable, hottest as well as classy floral styles we analysis designs together with styles which enables present options and build realities out of your imaginative and prescient vision of what you look for the most meaningful day of your life to be.

  • Appear absolutely no further for your wedding decoration, wedding event blossom as well as Floral arrangements, simply because we carry out everything and even a lot more.

As we know trends do come and go, though, which is why we turned to some planners and event designers to find out what’s new, what’s here to stay, and what brides and grooms are obsessing over. Planner Tracy Taylor says “Playing with the colors found in nature is an excellent source for inspiration to achieve timeless designs that are still fresh and modern,”. Our custom-created wedding props such as floral walls, paper flowers, large frames, floral chandeliers all add a unique touch to our designs. Flowers make your celebration memorable, and more attractive. At Stars decoration, floral decorations are as special as you are. When we start floral preparations for your wedding, we aim to make sure that the groom and bride feel satisfied with our floral design and style. We colouring a wider canvas of shades, textures, lighting, songs as well as an aroma in our wedding event in addition to wedding and reception decoration services. It is always poetry of feeling heading alive at your wedding time.

You want a cake for the wedding that is just right her. Getting the right balance on the event is a strenuous exercise but when you have us, you take it easy. You can simply leave it to us and continue with your busy life. You can simply give us your plans brief and we will manage the rest of the wedding. We will manage it in the budget so no worry just enjoys the moment of your day. Stars Decoration brings complementary cultural attributes together to offer exquisite destination weddings that are grand as well as relaxing and exciting.

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